Two Sisters


two sisters - an engineer & finance major

turn to one of the oldest industries to modernize lost traditions and harmonize form + function to create modular pieces which evolve with the wearer.


styles made to build unlimited ways because you’re limitless

all designs are made to build, creating a new culture of customization. styles are designed to be uniquely yours or to wear multiple ways for the one who is always on the go. our pieces are designed to be versatile & to be worn a new way for every single you, every single day.


redefining sustainability, a design first approach

we are paving a new path towards consciousness, approaching sustainability in the design phase. all pieces are as functional as they are beautiful, even down to the packaging, which serves as a travel case. functional, multi-way, modular designs made with recycled precious metals and conflict-free gems.


donating a portion of proceeds to diverse startup founders at the wond'ry innovation center.

easy on the earth, the eyes, and the soul.

Rigs Sky